Phat Diem Cathedral and a Happy Bride and Groom
June 29th, 2012


If you are an enthusiast of cathedrals and churches, Vietnam has a lot to offer. One of the most fascinating Vietnamese architectural masterpieces is the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phat Diem, which is located in Kim Son, Ninh Binh Province. The distance from Ninh Binh town is around 30 km and your visit will be another surprising exploration of the many facets of vietnamese culture . The whole complex was projected and built between 1875 and 1899 by the Vietnamese priest Father Tran Luc, better known as Father Sau (Six), who died in 1898 after finishing the main work of the whole complex. He designed a fantastic and unique mixture of traditional Vietnamese pagoda architecture and Gothic style of Christian architecture, although he was never trained as an architect.


Detailed and very well written informations about the whole complex and history of the Phat Diem Rock Churches you can find on the homepage of the diocese of Phat Diem. On catholic holidays the server of the site is occasionally overloaded and will ask you to log in. Don´t worry about and visit the homepage at a later time.


I am very thankful to Father Joseph Nguyen Nang, who gave me the possibility to film some video impressions during the mass, which can be visited by tourists on Saturdays. On Sundays the mass is only opened for the local population. Please respect to wear an adequate outfit and enter the cathedral on the correct side. Women have to take place on the left, men on the right side in the nave.


Phat Diem Rock Church Complex is also a popular location for bridal couples to get photographed in various wedding fashions on different locations. Vietnamese weddings are still nowadays, even if the traditional procedure is usually simplified, a complicated and outstanding expensive affair. The costs for a memorable wedding book are from US $ 100 to US$ 2.000 and more. The shooting of the wedding book shown in the video has been approximately US$ 450. Because of the mentality of keeping ones face within the society the most families are forced to borrow money and get into high debt. Some other families make a good deal of their marriages, but this subject and the wedding customs in general will be another story.


To recommend you an alternative day trip from Ninh Binh is close to my heart. Please visit the Rosary Cathedral and traditional charity center called Nha Duc An (Orphanage House) of Bui Chu diocese in Xuan Ngoc in Nam Dinh province, which is located nearby in the neighboured province of Ninh Binh. You will be rewarded with unforgettable moments of joy and happiness. If you look more closely, you will also experience moments of sorrow, but I am sure the inspiration of your heart and soul will be a wonderful enrichment for your entire life. Please ask your tourguide to contact the director Joseph Pham Ngoc Oanh before visiting the orphanage. A helpful website to make the best of your visit to any orphanage comes here. Furtheron informations of the charity center and how to contact them, you can find on the homepage of Bui Chu Saint An´s Orphanage.

Some further informations and a video of the beautiful region of Ninh Binh you find here.

Thank you heartly for your attention and enjoy the video of “Phat Diem featuring a happy bride and groom” and the sensitive song “Non avere paura” composed by “Walter Mazzaccaro“. His beautiful album “E`tornato il sole” is available either at Amazon or iTunes.

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