Ha Long Festival & Carnival
April 28th, 2012

I love vietnamese festivals and so it was a must to visit the Ha Long festival in 2010, even if it is not a traditional vietnamese festival. Since 2007 the Ha Long Tourism Week is hold and organized by the the people´s committee of Quang Ninh Province. The festival is an equally share of the Halong tourism and trade fair, a marketing campaign to promote Quang Ninh Province and the festivities for the liberation day of the coal-mining Province of Quang Ninh (April 25th), the South Vietnam´s liberation day and National Unity (April 30th) and at last the world Labour Day (May 1st).
During my visit in 2010 the Ha Long Tourism Week was dedicated to the the 1000 year anniversary of Thang Long – Ha Noi.  One of the highlights will be the opening ceremony, that is hold in Tran Quoc Nghien pagoda normally on April 29th (07:30).

Enjoy the video of the colourful temple ceremony and procession.

The most fascinating and impressing highlight of the festival will be the Halong Street Carnival Show that is performed on May 1st . Please be aware that a spontaneous festival trip from April 30th to May 1st won´t be a great idea. All rooms are sold out and even if the Tourism Department of Vietnam firstly threatened to punish price gouting agents, there is no way to find a affordable room. In 2010 Hotel rooms were sold for 500 US and a parking place for a motorbike rised from 3.000 Dong to 50.000 Dong. In the early evening thousands of people came out of nowhere to party the night and as well the night became a party for pocket thieves. The next morning the masses went up in smoke.

Enjoy some impressions of the show and Carnival 2010.

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