Vung Tau Travel Information Vietnam

v_t_1Vung Tau extends over the whole south east half-island covering 140 square kilometres with a quarter of a million inhabitants. Only two hours away from Ho Chi Minh city in a speed boat via the Mekong river it is one of the favourite, nearby holiday destinations for the Vietnamese. Two of the country’s important industries are rivals in Vung Tau: tourism and the petrochemicals industry. In the harbour oil and gas deposits from the offshore platforms are reloaded.

v_t_2The locals prefer the rear beach Bai Sau on the main road Thuy Van. The “Bay of the Boats” looks back on more than 200 years of history as a greenbelt recreation area for the Southern Vietnamese. Around 1900 the former Governor General of Indochina and later French president Paul Dourmer had his summer residence here.

v_t_3Amongst the more than 100 temples and pagodas of Vung Tau near the beach alone, the White Buddha of Thich Ca Phat Dai looms visibly from a long way off. The “Buddhas pagoda” accommodates earth from the holy places in four urns: from Buddhas birthplace, the place of his enlightenment, the place of his sermons, and the place of his lowering into nirvana.

v_t_435 kilometres further east lies Long Hai – a small pilgrim and fishing  village. Here the beach is the market. The place accommodates the Mo Co temple, which is dedicated to protecting the fishermen. Once a year shortly after the Tet festival hundreds of fishermen boats go on a pilgrimage to Long Hai and to the Mo Co temple. With this trip they renew their plea for returning unhurt and an abundance of fish.

v_t_5Even smaller and even quieter are the places Ho Tram and Ho Coc if you follow the coastal road along the mighty granite rocks of the Minh Dam mountains. Fine sand in a quiet area of a nature reserve.