Ha Tien Travel Information Vietnam

h_t_1Ha Tien only six kilometres away from the Cambodian border in the western corner of Vietnam is one of the prettiest cities of the whole Mekong delta. After its establishment in 1670 the lonely region rapidly developed to a wealthy sea port.

h_t_2The Mac Cuu temple is dedicated to the Cantonese businessman and founder. After founding it, he came here with his whole clan. The wealth of the trading dynasty characterises the original image of the old city, even today, with its many temples and pagodas. This shows, better than anywhere else, the combination of faith and culture from the whole of South East Asia.

h_t_3The Quan Thanh temple of Ha Tien is three hundred years old. Like the temple with the same name in Hanoi, it is protected by four armed guards in the form of powerful animal faces. The red-faced Quan Kong inside is the patron of traders and intellectuals. His mission is to protect people from injustice.

h_t_4Ha Tien bay is surrounded by hills. Although the town and its surroundings are well-developed for tourism, there aren’t too many visitors. The most well-known beaches of Hon Chong, Duoc and Hon Trem are visited nearly exclusively by the Vietnamese and thus emphasise the charm of a solitary border town.