Hanoi Travel Information Vietnam

h_n_1On the famous “Bridge of the Rising Sun” over the “Lake of the Restored Sword” – poetry named after attractions in Ha Noi. The city, with the simple name from 1804, is the city between rivers, was the former Venice of the East and is the oldest main city of South East Asia still existing.

h_n_2The Temple of Literature was founded in 1070 and is the prettiest temple of the city. The first Confucianism University of the country and the fundamental ideas of Vietnamese life philosophy: loyalty, harmony, knowledge and learning. And the Tran Quoc Pagoda – situated on the West Lake and probably the oldest Buddhist shrine of Vietnam. A time journey of over 1400 years through history and an inspired place to meet between the burial towers.

h_n_3Two craftsmen centres are very near to Ha Noi. Van Phuc, the silk village, with more than 1000 years of tradition. The silk for the Nguyen dynasties comes from here. And Bat Trang, the ceramic and pottery village. Finest blue white porcelain is made by hand from the rich felspar and kaolin deposits.

h_n_4The journey – one and a half hour boat trip along the Swallow Tail River leaves enchanting impressions on your senses. The dry Halong bay, limestone country with deep green covered mountains created over millions of years, passes by, accompanied by the steady sound of oarstrokes.

The destination – the traces of fragrance mountain with its numerous temples in caves.

h_n_5Chua Huong – the Perfume Pagoda – is one of the most important pilgrimage points after the New Year’s festival of Buddhist Vietnam. The highlight of the pilgrimage which lasts for hours, is to visit the holy place of the complex – the Huong Tich caves. The stalagnites and their water drops becoming the oldest Vietnamese persuasion, faith in the inspiration of nature, prosperity and abundance of children.

h_n_6Unique in the world: Mau Roi Nuoc, the Water Puppet Theatre. It was from here that legends might have started. The “Restored Sword” which King Le Loi used to drive the Chinese out of Vietnam in the 15th Century, was torn out of his hands on a boat journey on the Lake of the Restored Sword (Ho Hoan-Kiem), to bring it back to the Gods. But the bridge wasn’t there back then!