respect and tranquility in Vietnam

r_u_t_1Humour and happiness are embedded into every situation of Vietnamese daily life in a striving for harmony. Open contradiction or even showing rejection hinder this striving, whilst loud or uncontrolled remarks even lead to losing face. And in turn losing esteem and respect. This is always true, everywhere and especially for visitors. The best recipe – keep calm!

r_u_t_2If you are invited to visit somebody’s home during a conversation or at a meeting, then decline politely and wait to be asked for a second time before accepting it. When you visit take a little gift as a present with you. And only leave your shoes on if the host wears their shoes in the house too.

r_u_t_3Their interest for life and work is appreciated in all areas. Where it’s possible to meet working people, you will be greeted by the traditional greeting of hands together in front of the upper body and a slight bow. If you are greeted in your normal way, i.e. shaking hands, then this shows you are already held in esteem.

r_u_t_4Often trips to places of work and places of interest are organised. Here the Vietnamese taste pleads for covered legs. In religious places, shorts and even totally bare arms are often not welcome, or may even be prohibited. For any meeting, it is better to arrive a few minutes too late, than to arrive breathless or even covered in sweat. On the other hand clothes that are well-looked after show respect for your hosts.

r_u_t_5The esteem for education and experience possesses fundamental character. Respect and esteem for fellow human beings and especially the elderly are fundamental values of Vietnamese society and are valid for all ethnic groups and religions. The greater your knowledge, the deeper you will be able to see into the soul of the country and its people.